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International Fertility Centre is the top name in diagnosis and treatment of infertility in India. We believe that every couple has a right to experience the pious bliss of parenthood. That’s the reason; IFC has religiously devoted itself to helping couples from different parts of the world such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Brazil, UAE.

Backed by world class infrastructure and experienced medical professionals, we’ve assisted over 4000 couples with completing their families. Our services include IVFIUIICSISurrogacyEgg Donation, Cryopreservation, Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy.

Leader in IVF: Backed by an Experienced Team

As one of the best IVF centres, our experience and expertise is unparalleled in the industry. Under the aegis of Dr. Rita Bakshi and Dr. Seema Bajaj, (top infertility specialists in India), the centre has grown into a leader in fertility treatment. Our state-of the-art IVF lab, fully-equipped operation theatres and other facilities make it possible for us to provide you the best treatment.  Our mission is simple: To build families of choice for communities around the globe.

Best Success Rates Among All Surrogacy Clinics India

International Fertility Centre has been able to offer high success rates in IVF and Surrogacy treatments for Indian and Foreign couples. IFC’s surrogacy program is very well organized and is rated as the best in India by various patients who opted for it. With everything in-house, International Fertility Centre has a huge database of Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors with no waiting period so that you can plan your family at the earliest.

Comprehensive, Affordable Packages with no Hidden Charges

The prices of IVF & Surrogacy in IFC are very little compared to our counterparts. The greatest factor that sets us apart is that we handle all the tasks ourselves (omitting the middlemen and agencies). Each day, we feel joyous knowing that we are helping people to realize their dream of Parenthood. Contact us now to fulfill your dream.

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