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Posted on: April 27th, 2018 6:44 am

Keeping In Mind The Ever Growing Population Of India, Health Care Has Become ..

Posted on: April 4th, 2018 12:26 pm

Dr. Rita Bakshi, who runs a fertility centre in Delhi, felt that the amendments to the surrogacy bill were “retrograde and orthodox… completely neglecting and overlooking

Posted on: March 29th, 2018 12:56 pm

Adding to the concerns, Dr Rita Bakshi, chairperson at International Fertility Center, shares, “The high concentration marijuana ..

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With more than 10,000 IVF cycles, International Fertility Centre has helped childless couples have a joyful parenthood experience with consistent delivery of highest success rates in our services including IVF, Natural IVF, IVF with Egg Donor, ICSI, IUI, Surrogacy, Surrogacy with Egg donor, Embryo Donation, Assisted Hatching, PESA/TESA, Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Blastocyst and much more.

It is a privilege to build families and we take our commitment very seriously. This is why, we have been the top choice of couples around the world. We are currently present in more than 14 locations - New Delhi, Gurgaon, Gorakhpur, Sonipat, Nawashahr, Jalandhar, Jaipur and Bikaner, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Butwal and we are headquartered in New Delhi, India.

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The staff is so kind and caring. Dr Rita Bakshi is such genuine and nice persons. They have always been so encouraging and positive. I wish I could say more good things. If you’re reading up on IVF Surrogacy, you’ve probably had a hard road too. I wish you the very best of luck, wherever you go. May your baby dreams also come true as they have come for ours!!!Both the doctors give out their personal cell number to any patient “in cycle” and who needs support after-hours. They pay more attention to their patients than anyone else. Hats off to both of them and I will recommend International Fertility Centre till the end of time. Personal attention, very fair prices compared to the others, and success.Both the doctors are really friendly and the staff was very nice. They are one of the kindest doctors we have ever met. - Mr. Vijay & Mrs. Geeta, Surrogacy, USA
I looked for so many options in USA, Canada and there was so much legal work and astronomical costs…It almost seemed impposible them. And then I considered IFC when looking for options around the world. Dr.Rita has a lot of experience in this field. When I had a word with her the first time, I felt so comfortable. The entire staff was so helpful and provided me the timely reports of the surrogate and supported me even after the delivery. I am so happy to be a dad today and will recommend other parents for sure to have surrogacy treatment with IFC only... - Mr. Monte Albert, Surrogacy, Canada
To me Dr. Rita Bakshi is God. We have been married for 13 years. I was obese, weighed 94 Kgs.For fertility I lost 31Kgs but still there was no hope. There is not a temple I left – Shirdi, Yogmaya, Mata Vaishnodevi but it was only at the doors of Dr. Rita Bakshi that I got my boy on 22nd February 2012. I have named him Yogeshwar because it was with the kripa of Yogmaya temple and Dr. Bakshi as an apostle of God. ‘May God bless her & her team. - Mrs. Veena & Mr. Hemchand, IVF, India

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Forbes India: Saarthak Bakshi in Forbes's 30 Under 30 Asia


Mr. Saarthak Bakshi, CEO and Co-founder of International Fertility Clinic, is enlisted in Forbes 30 under 30 ASIA, 2017 for the HealthCare and Science category. He has remarkably performed and contributed in providing healthcare services and its advancement. He has already established 14 fertility centers in India and Nepal which are known for providing highest success rates for infertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, Surrogacy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and many more. Mr. Saarthak Bakshi is planning to add 26 new centers across the country and outside by end of 2020, this would take the total number of our centers to 40. Read More...

ET Healthworld: PCPNDT bill has put every doctor in the ambit of sex selection: Dr. Rita Bakshi


In an interview with ETHealthworld, Dr. Rita Bakshi talks about the impact of frequent changes in the IVF laws. The challenge is the trust factor especially among the people who come from abroad. Dr Rita Bakshi said, "The challenge is the trust factor especially among the people who come from abroad. They want to know if we are transparent and ethical enough. Another challenge are the laws that keep changing very frequently and I think that is making the market a little less trustworthy than many other places. You suddenly cannot declare that from today this starts or stops." She added, "As far as PCPNDT bill is concerned I think we should have opposed the bill at the right time. Read More...

The Financial Express - IFC to add 26 fertility centres by 2020


Assisted reproductive technology provider International Fertility Centre is aiming to add 26 new centres across India and abroad by the end of 2020. The company currently has 14 clinics in India and Nepal providing various services, including IVF, natural IVF, IVF with egg donor, surrogacy, embryo donation, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy among others. Saarthak Bakshi, CEO of International Fertility Centre says, "The model the company will follow is asset light model." International Fertility Centre currently is present in more than 14 clinics located across India and Nepal. He further added, "We are planning to add 26 new centres across the country and outside by end of 2020, this would take the total number of our centres to 40. UAE, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are the locations that the company is looking outside India, while in the domestic market it is exploring sites at Indore, Bhopal, Jammu, Ranchi and Raipur among others. Read More ...

ETHealthWorld - Computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA) increases success rate of IVF by 51% over manual screening

News-and-media-Saarthak-Bakshi interviewed Mr. Saarthak Bakshi on how Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) helps improve IVF success rates by 51% over manual screening. The IVF industry in India is in boom. International fertility centre, an IVF giant under supervision of Dr. Rita Bakshi has divulged into CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis) in its centers. Computer assisted sperm analysis (CASA) provides a simple and rapid quantitative assessment of the quality of the sperm and predict its ability to fertilize eggs. This technology has helped International Fertility Centre achieve greater success rate for its patients. “We are the only clinic in North India to use this technique. Implementation of the CASA technology has increased the success rate of IVF by 51% than the manual screenings.” says Mr. Saarthak Bakshi. Read More...

Deccan Chronicle - Egg freezing gains popularity in India


"Hundreds of clinics have come up in India with an option of Egg Freezing. These clinics offer counseling to people before opting for this process, give them plenty of clinical information, and help the couple to deal with mental health wobbles. She added, "Another reason for popularity is the packages that are being offered to people for egg retrieval, storing of eggs and drugs which is a lot cheaper than the normal cost. The cost of package is around 4 Lakh where as the whole process without package costs around 10 Lakh." Read More...

Your Story - How this mother-son duo is transforming the IVF - industry in India

News-and-media-Saarthak-Bakshi interviewed Dr Rita Bakshi, chairperson of International Fertility Centre and Mr. Saarthak Bakshi, CEO on the reason behind establishing International Fertility Centre to aid infertile couples and help them achieve a happy parenthood through assisted reproductive technology options like IVF. “Post the success of the first centre in New Delhi, I researched on the worst affected places in India, where the problem of infertility existed. I started with Rajasthan and expanded into other states. I also realized that in Nepal, a problem similar to India existed - infertility was equally or more burdensome because of the low paying capacity and the similar cultural ethos associated with infertility. "As a strategic move, we started partnering with hospitals and widened out network. Hospitals started to outsource the entire IVF wing to us. As a result, I was able to cut my establishment costs to half and expanded much faster than expected," says Saarthak Bakshi. Read More...

Economic Times - Double Whammy: What the surrogacy bill brings for India


Dr Rita Bakshi spoke for Economic Times on the current issue "Surrogacy Bill 2016" and its effects on the society. The Surrogacy Bill 2015 poses an immediate ban on commercial surrogacy for infertile couples across the world. She says "This is a black day in the history of science and scientific development. We have put our country back by many years". Read More...

Will diversify to newer geographies: IFC CEO


Franchise India interviewed Saarthak Bakshi on the critical factors impacting the growth of fertility centres. He says, “Infertility has become a common phenomenon and this is the prime reason behind the flourishing fertility centres worldwide. With the rising infertility concerns, a great need of creating more and more fertility centres is felt. The evident boom in the IVF segment in India is due to the increasing infertility cases, to low-cost high-end treatments that attract lot of foreign patients, and skilled doctors, huge supply of surrogates and egg donors, increased awareness, fewer regulations. India has become the most favorable destination for reproductive medical tourism. IVF treatment is available at an affordable cost I India and this is why, fertility clinics in UK and Australia are facing difficulties to fulfill the demand for donor eggs and hence, turning to India.” Read More...

IVF treatments next breakthrough in fertility treatments – India


eHealth interview Saarthak Bakshi on the future of IVF treatments to overcome infertility in India. India has become one of the major destinations for IVF treatments in the world. With adoption of high-quality medical services and dedicated IVF experts, patients receives world-class facilities and are able to conceive in relatively lesser cost than anywhere in the world. He says, “To deal with the problems of infertility and with an aim of providing at least “One Child Per Couple” (OCPC), we started International Fertility Centre (IFC) in New Delhi.” He also stated “With the training from Dr. Rita Bakshi, the team is able to help each couple with a choice that is best suited for them,” he added. “IFC has adopted unique measures to treat couples. We have competitive technology and the supreme array of doctors for treatments.” Read More...

IFC: Building a Brand


International Fertility Centre was founded by Dr. Rita Bakshi, my mother, and me. The story behind IFC is very interesting. I was offered a graduate position at Ernst & Young immediately after my degree in computer engineering but I was always passionate for entrepreneurship. It led me to quit a comfortable job and start a gaming application enterprise with my friends. I had to shut it down because of the team’s risk averseness. I embraced failure and immediately joined Adiva, a women centric hospital co-owned by my mother. I started to manage operations at the hospital and soon became an integral part of the management. I realized that fertility is highly valued in most cultures and for women; barren hood is an emotionally devastating experience, which is considered as a stigma in the society. With profound shift in my awareness of the infertility issues, I became passionate to help couples with infertility concerns and created a vision of at least “One Child Per Couple” (OCPC). Read More...

How to win big in specialised healthcare industry


In an interview with Franchise India, Mr. Saarthak Bakshi shared his views on how to become successful in the healthcare industry. He says, “In India, IVF treatment is available at affordable costs compared to developed nations. Fertility clinics in developed countries like UK and Australia are finding it quite difficult to fulfill the demands of patients and hence turning to India. Nonetheless, India has become a hub of the finest international IVF centres with top-notch IVF doctors. Most of the major global IVF stakeholders have recognized the size of this opportunity and some have already entered the market.”He added, “One of the main challenges was to set IFC centers. To overcome this, we spent laborious months and years in research, understanding best practices, traveled destinations to have the best infrastructure.” He also stated, “Another challenge was scaling up. It was a challenge for me to replicate IFC centers in other locations. As a strategic move, I started partnering with hospitals and widened out network.” Read More...