Commercial surrogacy: The jury is still out on its banning

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Commercial surrogacy: The jury is still out on its banning Dr. Rita Bakshi, who runs a fertility centre in Delhi, felt that the amendments to the surrogacy bill were “retrograde and orthodox… completely neglecting and overlooking single parents and married people who suffer from medical problems”. She said the government had “disregarded physically unfit people …

childless couples with failed IVF

How can ICSI help Childless Couples with Failed IVF?

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There are millions of couples in this world who are waiting to be called parents. For many, their dreams shatter because of the several attempts to get pregnant. Individuals have their own reason for the unsuccessful conception. With the help of advanced science and technology, most of the couples can achieve parenthood through IVF, but …

Male Factor Inertility

Best option to become a Father with Male Factor Infertility?

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It is said that being a mother or a father is a blessing. It is true technically as well, as the doctors say that achieving fertility is a difficult task, but its no more impossible with the help of advanced medical procedures. There are many methods available for women to get help with conception; on …

Treatments for Infertile Male

Treatments helping Infertile Males to Achieve Fatherhood

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Every man dreams of playing soccer with his child, teaching his kid all kinds of tricks but when even after trying for over a year the results are unfavorable, the dream starts slipping away. The main responsible organ for sperm and testosterone production are the testicles. Sometimes the causes of infertility in males are unknown …

Pregnancy with ICSI

Get better shot at Pregnancy with ICSI

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According to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, 12- 18 million couples are diagnosed with infertility in India. Where an average Indian male’s sperm count used to be 60 million per milliliter, it has dropped down to 20 million per milliliter in the last 15 years. In every 100 couples, 40% males are suffering from …

Infertile Male

Paving way for Infertile Males to Fatherhood: International Fertility Centre

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When the fertility doctor informs couples that they can’t have because of the males, the world of the male counterparts come crashing down. It not only becomes the naked truth of their life but a frantic problem that they can do almost nothing about. Male infertility still is highly emasculating and stigmatizing. Men sometimes feel …


Surrogacy at International Fertility Centre: An Insight

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Many times when intended parents decide to take surrogacy, they get overwhelmed by the extent of terms and procedures. Surrogacy is a procedure or a technique whereby a woman agrees to carry a baby for a couple who are unable to do so due to unexplained infertility or other medical reasons. Surrogacy at IFC International …

Surrogacy Services in India

International Fertility Centre: Surrogacy Services at its Finest

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The warm touch of an infant, the gladdening smile of a baby, the first time the baby opens its eyes and look into yours- you realize the presence of another human being for which you will measure any heights to protect and nurture. For some women, this happiness comes suddenly and unannounced but the rest …

Male Infertility

Addressing the taboo: Male Infertility

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As soon as you celebrate your 1st marriage anniversary, people start asking questions about the “good news”. Social pressure from family and friends adds to the confusion and chaos for the couples struggling with infertility. It’s not always the woman who is having problems, sometimes it’s the male partner as well. For 40% couples who …