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Infertility Treatment in Sonipat

How International Fertility Centre has Helped Infertile Couples at Sonipat?

By IFC Team on

International fertility Centre has been growing tremendously and has provided immense help to needy couples. International fertility centre through its available branches in various parts of India is a ray of hope for every infertile couple. International fertility Centre situated in Sonipat, Haryana is one among them and has emerged as a hopeful destination for …

IVF Treatment in Jaipur

IVF Treatment in Jaipur: A Ray of Hope for Infertile Couples

By IFC Team on

International Fertility Centre through its branch in Jaipur at C.K Birla hospital is one of the best places to find solution for your infertility issues. Under the guidance of experienced fertility experts, embryologists, nurses and all the other staff members who provide the best care in order to fulfill the need of the patients by …

Best IVF treatment in Gurgaon

Aryan International Fertility Centre for Best IVF Treatment in Gurgaon

By IFC Team on

Aryan International Fertility Centre (AIFC) aspires to help couples with infertility treatment. It is one of the trust worthiest organizations when it comes to assured results and higher success rates. It has achieved recognition from multiple places and it tends to provide help to every couple who is deprived of the parenthood. The organization has …

Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy in India: Benefits and Challenges

By IFC Team on

An infertile couple tries numerous fertility treatments and after exhausting all of them, they consider surrogacy as the final treatment choice. Surrogacy involves a third party that is the surrogate mother who helps them to overcome their infertility and to fulfill their dream of having a child. There can be any reason for using a …

Affordable IVF Treatment in India

Affordability of In-Vitro Fertilization Treatment in India

By IFC Team on

There is rapid growth in infertility cases across the world. Only elder couples can face infertility is a myth. It is proven wrong by the emergence of young couples under the age of 30 facing infertility issues. So, where to go? Whom to consult? And how can one resolve it without being insecure as sharing …

Delhi Infertility

Why choose Delhi to tackle your Infertility?

By IFC Team on

Being a parent is not just about fulfilling one’s desire of having a child, It is a responsibility not only for a parent to be but for the doctor too. People that are deprived of this blessing seek solace in their doctor. Usually people get mislead, as at first they don’t simply believe that there …

Step by Step IVF cycle

Step-by-Step Through an IVF cycle: Giving Birth to a New Life

By IFC Team on

Have you heard about the success of an IVF cycle? Even if the answer is yes, proceeding for an IVF is not an easy task. Many concerns hover in mind such as emotional, financial, social, familial and even personal opinions of your near & dear ones. IVF is one of the latest technologies that have …

Pregnancy with ICSI

Get better shot at Pregnancy with ICSI

By IFC Team on

According to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, 12- 18 million couples are diagnosed with infertility in India. Where an average Indian male’s sperm count used to be 60 million per milliliter, it has dropped down to 20 million per milliliter in the last 15 years. In every 100 couples, 40% males are suffering from …

Infertile Male

Paving way for Infertile Males to Fatherhood: International Fertility Centre

By IFC Team on

When the fertility doctor informs couples that they can’t have because of the males, the world of the male counterparts come crashing down. It not only becomes the naked truth of their life but a frantic problem that they can do almost nothing about. Male infertility still is highly emasculating and stigmatizing. Men sometimes feel …