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highest ivf success rates

Experience Highest IVF Success Rates with International Fertility Centre

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In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a ray of hope for those couples who find their family incomplete because of infertility. In the modern day scenario where the lifestyle, eating habits and environmental factors are thought to be interfering with fertility, IVF is getting increasingly popular. Understanding IVF: AS the name In Vitro Fertilization suggests, …

Why you should avoid excessive sugar consumption during pregnancy?

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From the last three decades, Dr. Rita Bakshi has been covering all the important topics related to fertility, infertility, and pregnancy. This time she talks about the relation of excessive sugar with asthma on DNA India and ANI News. With reference to the original content published on the websites, the time period of pregnancy is …

Natural IVF Cycle

Differences between Natural IVF cycle and Conventional IVF Cycle

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What Do You Mean By Natural IVF Treatment? It refers to the IVF process where negligible or nil fertility-inducing drugs are used. In this method whole work is in accordance with women’s own natural cycle. The whole process is focused on the collection of the one follicle which is naturally selected by the women’s body. …

IVF Centre Gurgaon

Aryan International Fertility Centre, Gurugram: Life Line for Infertile Couples

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Why Aryan IFC is becoming brand in Fertility Clinic? Aryan International Fertility Centre, located at Gurugram in the state of Haryana is impregnated with high quality based surrogacy and IVF treatment for childless couples. Our fertility clinic is mushrooming in other parts of India along with Nepal. With the presence of 10+ fertility centres all …

icsi treatment in india

Why ICSI is Gaining Popularity in India?

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Impact of Fertility Rates on India In India, the ideal total fertility rate (TFR) targeted by the government is 2.1%. But there are 23 districts (11 in UP, 8 in Bihar, 2 in Rajasthan, 2 in MP); the total fertility has crossed higher than 4%. On the other hand, in 7 states covering 123 districts, …


Best Advises for Women Struggling with Infertility

By IFC Team on

Global Rise of Infertility Cases Attaining parenthood is the most memorable moment for all of us. But, in this fast world, it is sad to observe that, infertility is on the upsurge globally. Busy hectic schedule and lifestyle has mainly contributed to the infertility cases. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy food habits and irregular sleeping …

ivf treatment

How to overcome Infertility with the help of IVF treatment?

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When a baby is born to a couple, just analyze the level of happiness. So far it is the best moment for both the couples. But due to several factors like stress, hectic lifestyle, blocked fallopian tube, ovulation disorder in women and decreased sperm count in men, the infertile couples are left with feeling of …