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Cost Effective IVF Treatment

Cost Effective IVF Treatment in INDIA

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The inability to achieve pregnancy scares a number of couples all around the world. The reason behind this fear is infertility. Infertility in both men and women is making them devoid of kids. This is a common medical problem these days and seeks specialized treatment measures which can help the infertile couples to achieve parenthood. …

Blastocyst Transfer

Why is Blastocyst Transfer better than a day 3 Transfer?

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An IVF cycle involves retrieval of eggs and sperms from the intended parents and then putting them together in a lab for fertilization purpose to create an Embryo. The embryo thus formed is generally transferred in to the womb of intended mother on the 2nd or 3rd day. Sometimes a day 3 transfer doesn’t give …

Reproductive Health

What are the vital steps of Diagnosing Reproductive Health?

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The health of Indian females is essentially lined to their status in society. Females mostly in the developing country like India are facing assorted types of reproductive problems such as abortion, childbirth, sexuality, contraception, and maternal mortality. Biological, social, cultural, economic, and behavioral factors play a significant role in assessing of reproductive health. According to …


Is Annual Gynecological Assessment Necessary for Females?

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International Fertility Centre brings expertise professional of obstetricians and gynecologists globally. Its focus is on women of the world to achieve the highest possible standards of physical, mental, reproductive and sexual health and well being throughout their lives. It offers the care which is required at every stage of life from puberty to post-menopause. Medical …


IFC: Your one stop destination for best Gynecological Treatment

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Blocked fallopian tubes, cervical cancer, or other reproductive health disorders in females can be a cause of infertility. These problems are treated by a gynecologist who is expertise in handling female reproductive complications. International fertility Centre primarily focuses on the female reproductive health with gynecology a process of diagnosing and treating reproductive problems. Gynecology Services …


Best Gynecology Services at International Fertility Centre

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Female’s health needs change from adolescence to post menopause in terms of reproductive health. Reproductive problems can be treated by the gynecologist at International Fertility Centre in the following cases. Infertility: The infertile couples are unable to attain parenthood due to hormonal imbalances or reproductive disorders. Gynecologist diagnoses the problems with the modern techniques like …

Laparoscopy: Alternate to Open Surgery for Diagnosing the cause of Infertility

Laparoscopy: Alternate to Open Surgery for Diagnosing the cause of Infertility

By IFC Team on

Laparoscopy is a specified modern technique for performing gyanelogic surgery like endometrial cancers, ectopic pregnancy etc. Incision made in laparoscopic surgery is about 0.5-1cm which causes small scar and hence patients are often discharged on the same day of surgery. In this process, laparoscope are passed through abdominal organs or female pelvic organs diagnose the …

Laparoscopy Treatment

Top Five Advantages of Laparoscopy at International Fertility Centre

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Laparoscopy is a process by which a surgeon is able to look inside the reproductive organs like fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus. This is a dual purpose medical procedure as it assists in diagnosing and treating the reproductive complications. Top Five advantages of laparoscopy Less adhesion formation: A small incision is made in laparoscopy hence …