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Seeking treatment for infertilityis essential as it affects so many couples for different reasons. As with any other field, each doctor has a different diagnosis and offers different solutions. Our experience of 30 years has made us into experts who understand infertility and what needs to be done about it. It is not necessary for a patient to go through IVF when the problem can be solved with a simple Hysteroscopy procedure. We welcome all questions and provide a free online consultation to all our patients. The first step is to fill up the form below and we will get back to you with our diagnosis within 24 hours.

Previous IUI/ IVF cycle attempt

Most of our patients come to International Fertility Centre after having failed cycles elsewhere. We openly discuss and explore options before a patient attempts again. We also understand an unsuccessful treatment is emotionally and financially devastating. The most important thing is to stay positive and don’t give up. If you are seeking a second opinion or require help, please fill up the form below. Kindly provide details regarding any previous attempts of IVF or IUI.

Kindly provide details regarding any previous attempts of IVF or IUI.

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