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LIT Therapy: Right Time to Choose Right Option to get Pregnant Naturally

By IFC Team on

Becoming parents is like a dream! It also changes your lives forever…

After a few years of marriage, all couples feel the need to complete their relationship by becoming parents. Sometimes situation and health are favorable for us to become parents, but many times when the couple is unable to conceive and the reason is unexplainable.

What is LIT Therapy?

Most couples plan to conceive in the initial years of marriage, but sometimes, after the conceiving they face recurrent abortions. The main reason for their failure is that the body does not accept the pregnancy. We at International Fertility Centre are here to help those couples facing similar issue of recurrent abortion or pregnancy failure. Lymphocyte Immune Therapy (LIT) is a kind of treatment to provide adequate help to those couples who face miscarriages, unanswered reasons for pregnancy loss after conception or frequent impulsive abortions.

The Procedure of LIT Therapy

LIT is a very simple process by which the white blood cells of the future father are injected into the skin of the prospective mother to prepare the mother’s immune system to conceive. These pregnancy tissues are the outcome of both the mother’s as well as the father’s genes. LIT treatment provides support to the mother to get pregnant naturally without extra doses of medicines and injections. This treatment assists the natural pregnancy to grow easily.

The process of the normal pregnancy: when ovulation happens in the ovary and the eggs travel to the Fallopian tube where they fertilize with the sperm. The embryo, then progresses towards the uterus and finally, it settles down in the uterine lining to grow into a fetus.

This fetus has two components: The half part is formed from the mother and the rest half from the father. If the mother’s part is not relevant, it can lead to impulsive abortion as in autoimmune diseases. This auto-immune deficiency can be treated by giving aspirin, heparin and if required, steroids.

The second part is the father’s component, which acts like a foreign body and hampers implantation of the embryo due to antibodies that are produced against it in the mother’s womb. The natural killer cell movement of the white blood cell (WBC) in the uterine lining is now ready to test after the LIT.

The patient has been treated well by lymphocyte immune therapy (LIT), using the blood of husband or an unconnected person. Lymphocyte Immune Therapy (LIT) is given many times if the killer cell activity is high.

LIT Treatment at International Fertility Centre

International Fertility Centre has started to give LIT for recurrent spontaneous abortion. Our doctors have plenty experience with the patients who are incurring with prolonged infertility and recurrent spontaneous abortions. Lymphocyte immune therapy (LIT) is an example of the modality of treatment that has not gained popularity yet.

Though, if we think about repeated natural abortion as autoimmune recognition failure, this method of treatment sounds reasonable.