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News X Debate Dr Rita Bakshi


By IFC Team on

This debate caught all attentions when a booklet was released by Shripad Yesso Naik (Ayush ministry, Government of India) on 9th June during the International Yoga Day. Dr. Rita Bakshi made a valid point on News X during debate with Shaina Nana Chudasama (BJP spokesperson) that Sanskari Pregnancy prescription has nothing to do with normal pregnancy.

According to Dr. Rita Bakshi, science has proved that, it is genetic and has got no connections with good thoughts or reading books. Following are the points which she made clear regarding Sanskari Pregnancy Prescription issued. They are as follows:

  • Reading books of great personalities is good for pregnancy stage: Dr. Rita disapproves statement “Of course reading books are good habit but, has no scientific evidence related to pregnancy”.
  • Detachment from sex during pregnancy improves fetal health: Dr. Rita contradicts this point and speaks that, “Baby is well protected in the uterus from amniotic fluid to absorb shock. Couples can have sexual activity until and unless any bleeding during the pregnancy or miscarriage has been reported so far earlier”.
  • Pregnant women should avoid Non vegetarian food: Dr. Rita cross question this point regarding diet that, “Protein content boosts healthy pregnancy, so meat and eggs are best quality protein available today compared to other diet, so is good for pregnant mothers”.
  • Yoga is good for pregnant mothers: Dr. Rita supports this point and says that, “Yoga is necessary and can be practiced during stage of pregnancy”.

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