Pregnant women: Are you suffering from asthma? Read this…

Pregnant women: Are you suffering from asthma? Read this…

Know why asthma needs to control during pregnancy

Asthma is a chronic lung condition which impairs the airways of the human body and results in respiratory disorders. The air tubes which carry the air in and out of the lungs are generally inflamed and tender during Asthma, making them sensitive and exposed to several allergies.

During asthma, the airways or the air tubes get narrower which makes it difficult for the air to reach the lungs and vice versa. This condition causes excessive irritation, coughing and difficulty in breathing which shall affect the health of both mother and the baby during pregnancy.

The dependency of the foetus in the womb relies on the oxygen inhaled by the mother. In case, the mother suffers from acute asthma, the foetus may not be able to get adequate oxygen.

It is very essential to control Asthma during pregnancy as it increases the risk of various problems like restricted foetal growth, vaginal bleeding, premature birth, low birth weight and even complicated labor.

There are several ways one can prevent hurdles during pregnancy if the mother is suffering from Asthma:

Avoid gastro-esophageal reflux disease: This disease is a prolonged digestive disease that causes heartburn which results in symptoms of asthma. One should always avoid and diminish the symptoms of this problem by eating in smaller and numerous proportions, avoid spicy food and indulge in some physical activity after meals.
Missing out on medications could be a problem: Medications during pregnancy are not advisable but when it comes to asthma, it is better to take medicines rather than suffering from asthma. Asthma attacks which cause breathing disorder to the mother, eventually results in problems relating to proper inhalation of oxygen in the baby.
Identify and Act upon the warning signals: The human body starts giving early signs before the storm, thus, it is very important that we don’t ignore these indications and take an action before it is too late. Asthma gives numerous indicators like breathlessness, prolonged cough and even stiffness in the chest. Discussing and mentioning about these symptoms to your doctor is important.
Always eliminate the stimulator: The asthmatic prospective mother should always take a leap back from the things that shall aggravate her exposure to the problem. She must stay away from dust, pollutants and smoke.
Regular visits to the doctor are mandatory: An asthmatic prospective mother should never be complaisant with her appointments with the doctor. She must clarify all her doubts and worries about her pregnancy and never hide or be hesitant about her problems as such curiosities and anxieties might lead to intensified asthma, as well.
Keeping a check on habits: If the mother is fond of spicy food and is indulged in smoking or any kind of such habits which trigger asthma then she must give up on those. Eliminating such kinds of tendencies will be proven beneficial for both the foetus and the mother.
Maintaining precautions and electronic foetal monitoring is essential if the mother is suffering from asthma during pregnancy. Regular prenatal test must be undertaken to check on the baby’s health and well-being. These tests would check and keep a track on the heart rate, breathing, amniotic fluid levels, pulse rate and muscles of the baby and ensure its proper development and growth.

Pregnancy is a very enticing time in a woman’s life as it has its own share of ups and downs along with several mood swings and hormonal changes. Some days might be very cheerful or exciting, while on other days, one might feel very uncomfortable or cranky. Thus, one should always cherish its boons and banes along with its proper precautions.

By: Dr Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist, International Fertility Center