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Affordable Surrogacy Packages in India

Surrogacy packages at IFC are comprehensive plans, which cover everything from A to Z at an affordable cost. There are no hidden charges or extra costs to any of our plans. Our packages are designed in a way to provide easy installments at various stages so that no money is wasted. Rest assured, we are the only centre who aims to provide you a baby at zero cost, no matter the number of attempts it takes.

IVF with Surrogacy

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) with Surrogacy

IVF using Donor sperm / donor egg

IVF with Surrogacy using Egg Donation

Steps Involved In Surrogacy Procedure at IFC

  1. Consultation with a specialized Doctor
  2. We will help you select a suitable Surrogate by medical screening and investigations
  3. Agreement between the Intended Parents and Surrogate
  4. Stimulation of ovaries to produce eggs using fertility drugs
  5. Extraction of eggs and culturing of the egg
  • Selection of the best Embryo with maximum pregnancy chances
  • Implantation of Embryo into the Surrogate
  • Complete Surrogate Care for 9 Months
  • Delivery of your baby on the completion of pregnancy term
  • Follow – up and Regular interactions after Post Delivery
Surrogate Mother Arrangements
Choosing the best surrogate mother is a vital part of your surrogacy treatment. Our team ensures that you receive the healthiest surrogate mother for your baby. With a huge database of surrogate mothers in India, all our surrogate mothers undergo highly strict evaluation criterion to diagnose any medical concerns, mental illnesses, genetic defects, and her ability to deliver a healthy baby. We make sure that the chosen surrogate mother by us fits your requirement perfectly.
Surrogate Care
We offer packages to ensure complete care of the surrogate mother pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post-delivery keeping in mind all the precautions and measures to ensure well-being of your surrogate mother and baby. Our 24×7 support team makes sure that your surrogate mother staying in our personal surrogate home receives constant observation, regular medical-checkups, on-time medications, nutritional supplements and 3-time healthy meals.
Egg Donor Database
Egg Donation is a great option for women at 35 years of age or more, who are unable to conceive due to low number of eggs in both ovaries, which reduces chances of ovulation important for fertilization. We have a database of more than 350 healthy, fit, young and diverse egg donors for you to choose from. All our egg donors aged 21-28 years are healthy and fit. We wish to make your parenthood experience worthwhile by providing the best-class services.


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