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Surrogacy: Helping Childless Couples to Achieve Parenthood

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Every couple has a dream of achieving parenthood, but this dream may not always come true for every couple. While IVF treatment is helping couples who are troubled by infertility, surrogacy comes into the picture when the woman fails to carry the child. Surrogacy helps those women who have faced multiple implantation failures or experiencing …

Surrogacy in India

What makes Surrogacy a better option for females with Infertility

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Surrogacy is an invaluable gift and a life-changing episode. Women who become surrogate mothers share an empathetic and compassionate approach and their sole purpose is to aid the childless couples by giving them the bundle of joy – their own baby. The surrogate mothers can relate to the pain and sufferings of such couples and …

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Why choose surrogacy over IVF to make your parenthood dreams a reality?

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Surrogacy is a process where the intended surrogate carries your baby to full term and delivers a healthy pregnancy with a fit baby. The surrogate mother wishes to help childless couples to raise their families. It is also known as gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate is usually called the host. The surrogate plays the role …


Wall Street Journal Interviews Dr. Rita About Ban on Foreign Surrogacy

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A leading US based daily newspaper Wall Street Journal has interviewed Dr. Rita Bakshi, senior IVF specialist and founder of the International Fertility Centre about the recent move by Centre to ban foreigners to use local surrogate mothers to bear children in the country. Dr. Rita Bakshi, whose clinic is based in New Delhi, said …


Allow Single Women Act As Surrogates, Says NCW

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In a significant development, National Commission for Women (NCW) has asked central government that single women be allowed to become surrogate mothers. “We suggested that single women whether divorced or unmarried be allowed to become surrogates,” Lalitha Kumaramangalam, chairperson of NCW has reported in the media. According to the new law, 23 years will be …


Why Surrogacy In India Is A Practicable Option For Foreign Couples

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Foreign couples who are struggling with infertility disorders often find in a perplexing situation when they fail to achieve conception despite trying for years. Most of the times these couples face anxiety and depression as infertility is a private matter to their lives that no couples wants to share it with anyone. Friends and family …


Surrogacy Journey to Parenthood- Kaitlyn’s Story

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We (Kaitlyn and Erick) got married in the year 2003. I wanted to conceive soon, so after 1 year of our marriage we were trying to have a baby. We tried for 2 years to conceive naturally but were unable to do. So we went to the doctors in U.S and done various medical checks-up …


A Successful Journey of Parenthood

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At International Fertility Centre, we are proud have helped many intended parents and realize their dream of parenthood through IVF and surrogacy. Here is a success story that we would like to share with you about a couple, who after the treatment achieved the dream of parenthood. Asiya, a 22-year-old woman, got married in January …


Surrogacy Laws by Country

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Surrogacy arrangement occurs when a woman undergoes in vitro fertilization to carry a child that has no genetic or biologic link to her. A surrogate mother relinquishes all parental rights as the gestational mother upon birth of the child. The fetus/child could be genetically linked to one; both or neither intended parents if donor DNA …