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Reproductive Health

What are the vital steps of Diagnosing Reproductive Health?

By IFC Team on

The health of Indian females is essentially lined to their status in society. Females mostly in the developing country like India are facing assorted types of reproductive problems such as abortion, childbirth, sexuality, contraception, and maternal mortality. Biological, social, cultural, economic, and behavioral factors play a significant role in assessing of reproductive health. According to gynaecologists of International Fertility Centre poor reproductive health can trigger various health concerns in females like uterine cancer, menstrual problems etc. Reproductive health is an integral part of females and its assessment is necessary as it helps in the diagnosis of gynecologic problems.

Following assessment of Reproductive Health is done in the International Fertility Centre is:-

  • Medical Screening of Reproductive system: The foremost step of diagnosing the reproductive health ismedical screening. This is the step of assessing overall reproductive health. For the assessment of reproductive health, doctors ask about the family history or relevant questions to diagnose the diseases accurately.
  • Evaluation and Advice: Evaluation of patients on the basis of counselling, and medical reports are done in International Fertility Centre.
  • A Physical examination include measuring standard vital signs: Females who visit the clinic of International fertility Centre, physical examination of patients is performed according on the basis of signs and symptoms.
  • Body mass index: Body mass index is used to calculate the healthy weight range in females. As both overweight and underweight can impact the reproductive system of females.
  • Pelvic examination: Doctors of International Fertility Centre perform pelvic examination to assess a woman’s pelvis and surrounding organs. According to doctors of the International Fertility Centre a pelvic examination is the initial vital step of diagnosing gynecologic cancers, which include cancers of the vulva, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder and rectum.

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